Cure Deli & Cafe

Cure Deli & Cafe’s branding was based around the warm earth tones and rustic feel of the deli’s interior design, with a logo reminiscent of the butcher badges found on vintage meat packaging. Chef & proprietor Matt envisioned a traditional deli with house-cured and smoked meats, so it was important to incorporate a handmade and vintage feel to cure’s brand identity.



Color Palette


Menu Design

Cure’s menu is simple but extensive: classic deli sandwiches with a choice of two sides. With so many options available, the menus needed to be easily digestible (no pun intended) while still maintaining visual interest.

Responsive Web Design

Cure’s website was created using Squarespace, and incorporated several of the brand’s visual identifiers.

Print Goods

In addition to menus, we completed various other print projects for Cure, including take-home menus, business cards, flyers and more.