Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery

While in her former role as Director of Sales & Marketing for Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery, Molly had the opportunity to produce a wide array of designs, from the menu to the website to crowler packaging. 

Brewery Menus

Working not just as a designer for Top of the Hill, but as an integral part of the management team, Molly was able to learn first-hand what the exact design needs of a brewery and restaurant are. From identifying the need to better communicate the brand’s products to customers, to conceptualizing the design, to creating and implementing new branded content, Molly was responsible for Top of the Hill’s entire visual identity.

Responsive Web Design

Molly completely re-designed the Top of the Hill website using Squarespace, after directing a photoshoot for all-new imagery. The site highlighted TOPO’s award-winning craft brews and its reputation as a Chapel Hill staple.

Business Card Design

Each set of business cards was designed with a different texture, representing each department – brushed copper for the brewery mash tun, smooth concrete for the patio flooring, wood grain for the built-in bar, hammered metal for the distilling columns – so that the cards gave a nod to the customer’s experience inside the establishment.

Menu Design

In addition to lunch & dinner menus, Top of the Hill required an array of other menus for brunch, bar food, drink specials, and more.