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welcome to Parson Lane

Our mission is to elevate brands that are making a difference through the power of great design.

Founded in 2019 by designer and branding expert Molly Beaton, Parson Lane specializes in brand identity and web design for purpose-led businesses. Guided by creativity and a commitment to social responsibility, our vision is to inspire change, provoke thought, and spark action – one design at a time.


Your business is purpose-driven and a force for good in your community.

You believe strategic branding can help you grow your business.

You want a creative partner who can help bring your vision to life.

meet our founder

I'm Molly Beaton, the designer & branding expert behind Parson Lane

I’ve always lived life a little off-beat, and my journey to graphic design was no different. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Comparative Literature, which is where I first discovered my love of storytelling. And although the link wasn’t obvious at first, I quickly learned that design and storytelling share the same fundamental goal: connection. Whether it’s a logo, a website, or a brochure, every design tells a story and provides an opportunity to communicate and connect. 

Since launching Parson Lane in 2019, I’ve helped business owners from dozens of industries tell their stories and connect with their customers. It’s inspiring to play a part in helping my clients accomplish their dreams. I’d love to do the same for you!

When I’m not working on Parson Lane projects, you can find me curled up with a cup of coffee & a good book (I’m on a big sci-fi & fantasy kick), sprucing up our 60’s ranch house, or bingeing a true crime docuseries. I live in Carrboro, North Carolina with my husband Dax, dog Franklin, and cat Beans.

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meet the team

We've got it covered.

Design is just one piece of the puzzle. Through our collaborative partnerships, we’re proud to offer brand messaging, strategy, and copywriting to tell your brand’s full story.

Tiffany O'Neill

Copy Editor & Brand Strategist

Tiffany is a copy editor and writer who has been helping brands tell their stories for over 10 years. Her specialty is breathing life into ho-hum copy and making every word feel intentional, imaginative, and human. With experience in everything from SEO writing and content strategy to web copy and social media, Tiffany is the Swiss Army Knife every creative wants on their team. 

In addition to her career in marketing, Tiffany has also worked as a ghostwriter, bookseller, and punk rock bassist, bringing a unique point of view to any creative project she touches. She currently lives in Durham, NC with her husband Patrick and puppy Ralph.

Stacy Eleczko

Copywriter & brand strategist

Stacy is a copywriter & brand messaging strategist who helps service-based businesses that are ready to make their next move. She started off focusing on copywriting only but quickly realized that her clients benefited from a deeper understanding of their target audience and what differentiates them from the competition. This created her passion for strategic brand messaging.

A pivot in your business means you need clarity in your messaging so you can have confidence in your marketing efforts. Specializing in website & sales content, Stacy positions you with the right message for the right audience. Nothing sales-y or gimmicky, just well-crafted copy that lets your dream clients understand how you provide the go-to solution to their needs.

Learn more about Stacy →

Mallory Musante

Brand & Marketing Strategist

Mallory helps ethical small business owners and online service providers build a marketing ecosystem that feels simple, sustainable, and actually drives growth.

Having worked with hundreds of clients of varying sizes, the one thing Mallory’s noticed is that the majority of business owners focus a lot on the tactics and not as much on the strategies driving those tactics, leaving their brand and marketing efforts feeling disjointed, inconsistent, and ultimately, less effective.

Now she’s on a mission to change that by making CMO-level support more accessible to small businesses.

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