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Well Played Creative is the brand name for Sarah Donnell, an incredibly talented freelance writer and theatre artist who also happens to be a good friend of mine and all-around wonderful person. Having worked in theatre for more than a decade, Sarah recently transitioned into full-time freelance work. I created a logo and brand identity for her to help give her freelance business a bit of professional polish. The resulting branding represents the playfulness and spirituality of her writing, with a healthy dose of magic, sparkle and artistry.
Scope of Work
Arts & Music
The Well Played Creative logo, showing their magical branding
The Well Played Creative logo on a white business card, showing their magical branding
Branded pattern design for Well Played Creative, showing their magical branding
The Well Played logo as an Instagram post on an iPhone screen, showing their magical branding
Thank you card design for Well Played Creative, showing their magical branding

The process of working with Molly not only gave me wonderful visual elements for my brand, but also helped me see what it is I do with more clarity. If you want to work with a designer who will truly see and hear you and help others do the same, I recommend Molly without hesitation.

Branded illustration for Well Played Creative, showing their magical branding

Working on this magical branding project was such a joy for me. Sarah Donnell is truly one of the kindest, smartest, and just all-around best people that I know. We’ve been friends for years, and one of my favorite pastimes is just sitting around chatting with her and her husband, Nasir (another good friend).

She has an incredible way with words, and always manages to express really complex thoughts with nuance, authenticity, and humanity. (Seriously, I love her so much that I’ve asked her to officiate my upcoming wedding. She’s THAT good!)

So, when Sarah reached out in the fall of 2019 about designing a logo for her freelance writing business, I jumped at the chance to work with her. Sarah has worked in the theatre industry for more than a decade. More recently, she’s taken on a variety of freelance writing projects. Throughout her work, there is a common thread of social justice and authentic spirituality.

By the time she reached out to me, she knew she was in need of some professional branding that could tie together the disparate aspects of her practice.

Strategy & Inspiration

In discussing Sarah’s work, some common themes began to arise: story, playfulness, spirituality. Clearly, her branding needed to be inviting and a little bit magical.

For color inspiration, I pulled hues from photos of beach sunsets. The warmth and natural feel of these colors was just the right fit for Well Played’s magical branding. And, I mean, who doesn’t love a good sunset?

Brand Design

Designing each piece of the brand around a cohesive aesthetic and color palette allowed us to get creative with the usage of her logo, adding patterns and illustrations as supporting elements. This magical branding serves many purposes, just like Sarah’s writing!

Now, with beautiful brand assets in tow, Sarah can move forward with confidence in her freelance writing career. Her magical branding is representative of her work in all its facets. Be sure to check out Sarah’s website to learn more about her and her work!


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