Village Fabric Shop

Village Fabric Shop is an eco-focused fabric and craft store, offering high-quality goods and education for the beginning crafter and the experienced maker alike in an inclusive, welcoming environment. Their new branding offers potential customers a glimpse into what the brand has to offer: quality-made fabric and craft goods with a sense of heritage and respect for craft traditions.

The Girard Hotel

The Girard Hotel branding - several logo variations on a dark green background

This design concept is for The Girard Hotel, a fictional historic boutique hotel. I was very much inspired by elegance of The Shining’s Overlook Hotel (minus all the ghosts, of course). Ever since visiting its real-life inspiration, The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, I’ve been dying to work on a hotel branding project like this. The Girard’s branding is glamorous and a bit mysterious, blending heavy art deco influences with modern design trends.

Rosewater Tea Room

Custom card and envelope design for branding

This branding project was a design concept I created just for fun, for the fictional Rosewater Tea Room. Inspired by English countryside cottages, I imagined Rosewater to be a peaceful and cozy tea shop where you could curl up with a good book or have a nice long chat with a friend.

Well Played Creative

The Well Played Creative logo on a white business card, showing their magical branding

Well Played Creative is the brand name for Sarah Donnell, an incredibly talented freelance writer and theatre artist who also happens to be a good friend of mine and all-around wonderful person. Having worked in theatre for more than a decade, Sarah recently transitioned into full-time freelance work. I created a logo and brand identity for her to help give her freelance business a bit of professional polish. The resulting branding represents the playfulness and spirituality of her writing, with a healthy dose of magic, sparkle and artistry.

Crescent Coffee

A light skinned person holds an iced coffee cup with a logo that reads "Crescent Coffee" against a backdrop of palm leaves, showing their coffee shop branding

Rachel Hartrick founded Crescent Coffee to blend her two passions: coffee and wellness. After traveling the country visiting coffee shops and taking notes on all the new flavors she discovered, Rachel decided to open a mobile coffee shop that would serve high-quality, organic coffee with innovative add-ons like CBD and collagen. We worked together in the spring of 2021 to create a brand identity & website for Crescent Coffee ahead of their launch in the fall. Rachel had a great feeling for the soft, earthy vibe she wanted to evoke with this brand, and it was so much fun helping to bring her vision to life!

RIVTAK Handmade

The RIVTAK logo on two hangtags, showing RIVTAK's cohesive brand identity

River Takada-Capel is the artist behind RIVTAK Handmade, a brand dedicated to creating environmentally responsible goods using only salvage and remnant materials. River’s work is maximalist, handcrafted, sometimes messy, always beautiful, and made with care. We wanted her branding to encompass many disparate concepts: earthy but otherworldly, old but new, colorful but neutral. Ultimately, we decided on a cohesive brand identity that felt modern, but still connected to tradition.

Brevity Legal

Brevity Legal web design for law firm

“Never use two words where one will do,” said Thomas Jefferson. This quote nicely sums up the ethos of Brevity Legal, the firm of attorney Katelin Kennedy. Katelin founded Brevity Legal with the goal of making legal less intimidating by using straightforward language and providing top-notch, no-nonsense legal services for busy entrepreneurs. Their brand design is refreshing and simple, with a few pops of color to add personality, and their Squarespace website echoes the simplicity and ease of use that Brevity strives to provide their clients.

Trellis Beauty

Trellis Beauty business cards and loyalty cards, showing their clean beauty brand design

Trellis Beauty is a clean beauty shop with a retail location in Raleigh. Back in 2017, I created a full brand identity for Trellis, including a logo, website, stationery, and various other print goods. In the words of owner Tracy, their brand identity needed to feel “clean and natural, but not at all granola.” The result is a myriad of bright colors, clean lines and natural shapes, expressing the brand’s fun ethos with a nod to the eco-friendly beauty experience customers can expect.